Friday, July 02, 2010

Vue 3D Test

Trying to get the hang of building good water and sky with Vue. This is one of more enjoyable test render.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Open and Free Sourced Software

As I have been doing more setting up of computers of late than doing art works. So let me share some essential softwares for any machines, expecially those that need work done on them.

1. 7-zip found at - this is an amazing utility, I don't know how I could work without zipping files and uncompressing the large of files this software works with.

2. PDF Creator found at - not to be used for professional printers, but for normal distribution of PDF via email or just saving it for future reference, this software is great.

3. CCleaner + Defraggler found at - great for cleaning up the mess windows makes after itself.

4. Firefox found at - everybody knows this software, I use it because I do feel its safer online than its alternatives.

5. Google Earth + Sketchup found at & - a great place to play with 3D.

6. K+Lite Codecs found at - safer to pick up a codec pack than download codecs as you need it. This one seems to be the most complete one.

7. found at - for systems that does not have photoshop but needs some of the tools.

Thats for it for now.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Moving back in

Okay its been a while but I am planning to start posting again.
So be ready for my return :)

Cheers, jags